Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I make an advert?

To create an advert, simply sign up as an ADVERTISER (if you don't have an account).

Login to your dashboard, fund you wallet if funds are insufficient.

Locate the type of Social Media Ad you want to create.

On the next page, select the sub-ad (the category of Ad you want) you want to create and input the url/link to the post / page and select the target you want to reach (how many people will engage).

On the next modal, verify the inputed details are correct, and proceed.

2. How do I fund my wallet?

To fund your ADVERTISERS wallet, simply click on the menu bar and click on Fund Wallet.

Input the desired the amount you wish to fund with and follow the steps on the next modal.

3. How are adverts processed?

All adverts created are sent to PROMOTERS who engage in desired activities and enhance productivity thereby giving you ADVERTISERS the best results of Ad placed.

4. How do I verify my email?

To verify your email, simply go to the LOGIN MODAL At the bottom left of the modal, locate VERIFY EMAIL and click on it. On the next page, input your account email and click VERIFY. An OTP will be sent to you via the email address enter it the input field and verify. Your email will be verified.

5. What is the minimum target I can reach for Ad creation?

As an ADVERTISER The minimum target you can reach at a time is 25.

6. How do I earn?

As a PROMOTER you earn through performing of Simple Social Media Activities such as Liking, Commenting, Following, Subscribing, Re-tweeting and more on posts.

You also earn by referring an ADVERTISER and get 20% commission anytime your referred ADVERTISER places an Ad.


7. How much can I earn a day?

There is no specific amount as to how much PROMOTERS can make a day.

PROMOTERS Gets activities on their dashboard when it's created by an ADVERTISER.

8. What is the minimum I can withdraw?

The minimum Withdrawal is ₦200 for airtime and ₦2500 for Bank Transfers.

9. When do I get paid?

All payments are processed and sent to the appropriate details within 24 hours of request, if all conditions are true.

10. Do I need to refer before I can withdraw?

Refeferring are totally OPTIONAL and are for those that want to earn more.

11. What conditions do I need to meet before I withdraw?

All activities are reviewed before payment. And if you earn from activities without performing them, your account will be SUSPENDED and as such withdraw will be REJECTED.

12. Why did my account get suspended?

Accounts are suspended when user(s):
a. Earn from activities they did not perform.
b. Tries to act as an agent of PRIMESWOP to defraud other members.
c. Abuses clients.

13. Are there any fees I need to pay to sign up?

Creation of accounts are free to both ADVERTISERS and PROMOTERS.