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6054aba9a144c A Nigerian lady reportedly committed suicide after she was falsely accused of theft by her mother and grandmother. According to a Twitter user, Muhyba who shared the story on the platform, the deceased who was accused of stealing a large sum of money by her mother and grandmother resolved to suicide when she couldn’t prove her innocence. Muhybah described the lady has naturally boisterous and revealed she ended her life a day after posting about the Grammys. Sharing an alleged chat between the deceased and her mother, alongside a voice note she sent her mum before she took her life, the Twitter user wrote, “On the 15th of March 2021, I found out about the most disturbing news; a close friend of mine took her life. It was the unbelievable because she was literally fine the night before, posting about the Grammys only to find out she was dead some hours later. She killed herself. This is the most vibrant person I’ve ever known. What happened? Almost no one could answer the question at the time and most of us just seemed to assume it was depression and she was just masking it with a smile. I have known her for a long time and even with personal issues, it never got so bad that she’d actually take her own life. I found it too hard to believe. So I did some digging to the best of my abilities. I discovered it wasn’t entirely depression. It was family issues and ultimately emotional abuse that pushed her off the edge. I was able to get some chats before the family seized her phone. Chats between her and her mother. Apparently, her and her grandma accused her of taking a large amount of money which she had nothing to do with.She pleaded with them of her innocence and it seemed it had been happening for a while but no one believed her. I will attach the chats below. She was reaching her breaking point due to the constant emotional abuse from her family. They threatened to arrest her for a crime she didn’t commit. 6054ab1fe50c8-768x768-2 6054ab372d765-768x768 6054ab4b1c027-768x768